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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Triathlon World Championships 2012

Another weekend, another triathlon world championship, another GB world champion. Well done to Jonathan Brownlee.

In my world, no championships won but managed to take pole position in the Boardman Britpak National league table for distance ridden & total time spent on the bike :-)

Knee seems to be pretty much mended now. Did no cycling during the week but went out on the Tri Anglia confidence ride to Reedham Ferry yesterday. 32 mile round trip with no pain or issues. I'll stay off the bike till next Sundays Cawston ruff stuff event just to be on the safe side though.

Few pics from the ride. Wasn't foggy, my phone lens was a bit misty.

Rob & Alison

Crossing the river on the ferry

The pub & cup of tea time


Mon - rest day
Tues - 3 mile run
Weds - 1.3 mile swim
Thur - 3 mile run
Fri - rest day
Sat - 32 mile bike -
Sun - 6 mile run

Signed up for another event, only because it was a freebie if I'm honest, but looks like it will be fun. The Virgin Active indoor Triathlon.

This takes place between 1st & 3rd November, 3 different events & in reverse order. Run - Bike - Swim.

Finished the Born to Run book & started on Chi Running. Again, eye opening stuff for me. Going to be looking at some Tai Chi classes & maybe some Yoga to help with my natural running plan. Couple of friends have also mentioned how Yoga has helped them.

That's it then, MTB event time next week, really looking forward to that, haven't had a good off road cycle for a long while.

Arleya offered to donate her November pocket money if i take part in Movember so I've signed up for that. Heres a link to my Mospace if you would like to donate to the charity

About Movember -

Finally this latest news, Andy Holgate's new book will be out 1st January 2013, title now confirmed as  'Can't Sleep, Can't Train, Can't Stop! : More Misadventures in Triathlon'

Anyone who's read the first book  Can't Swim, Can't ride, Can't run will be counting the days for the new one.

happy training

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