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Sunday, 12 May 2013


Ironman Training week 18

Have in the past been a bit sceptical of how worthwhile a trip to a physio would be. I've always been one for just heading to the doctors (as a last resort) if i ever need to get myself fixed, after all, why should we have to pay additional money to be mended when we already contribute to doctors & hospitals to do that.

As my ankle pain still didn't seem to be improving this week & i needed something doing due to the Slateman in two weeks, i decided it was time to bite the bullet & try out a physio. Two work colleagues i know have been waiting forever to see a physio through the NHS so that really wasn't an option.

Luckily for me one of the ladies from TriAnglia, Becky Schofield, has opened a practise 5 minutes from my office, so i dropped her an email & an appointment was made for a couple of days later.

After a thorough examination it turned out my right leg was slightly shorter than my left, as my pelvis wasn't level. This was contributing to the issues Ive had with my right calf muscle. Becky managed to improve this a bit in the session, but also gave me some exercises to help improve it on an ongoing basis. The Schofield lunge I believe it is referred to amongst TriAnglia members.

After that she did some acupuncture on my legs & feet, never had that before. Another, mmm, does that really work. Well, it certainly does. She stuck a couple in my calves & one in the top of my feet. All you feel is a sharp pin prick, which does feel like it goes in quite deep. Once the millisecond of discomfort is over it felt like the whole of my lower legs were relaxing & unwinding.

Final treatment was ultra sound over the inflamed part of my tendon then some tape was added to help calm it down.

Aftercare orders were. No running until the grinding in the tendon had stopped, Although i can do some aqua running. Carry on swimming & cycling but try not to bend the foot & aggravate the tendon more. 3 lunges each morning & evening on both legs. Plus before & after exercise.

Took about an hour i think & probably the best investment I've made in this years triathlon campaign.

Link to Becky's website below.


Calorie burn January = 29,160
Calorie burn February = 34,932
Calorie burn for March = 47,799
Calorie burn for April = 28,453
Calorie burn for May = 11,221

Training Hours - 8 hours 24 minutes (bit better)


Bike  - 1 hour 7 mins

This replaced the usual Monday evening swim session due to my tendonites


Bike  - 47 minutes


Open Water Swim - 30 minutes

My first open water session for 2013. I was also doing my volunteer bit so had to get
down the lake for 5.30pm. Our swim sessions have a new format now, taking the stress
out of trying to get there for 6pm, cram an hours swim in, get out and gone. Was all a bit
rushed before.

So, started my swim at 7pm, my wetsuit still felt really snug despite my weight loss. Got
 that claustrophobic feeling putting it on again, this soon subsided once in the water

though.  Had a mission getting it on & off, going to need to lube it up or I'll be faffing
about for ages  in T1 at The Slateman. bodyglide ordered.

Temperature was 14 degrees (Slateman lake was 12.5 degrees today). Did a bit of

head dunking etc to try & get used to the cold. Wasn't helping so i headed off doing
breastroke. A few minutes later i was into full front crawl flow.

The swim layout is slightly different now as well with 3 different courses you ca do. A
short 75m loop for beginners to practise & get used to the whole open water experience.
A 400m & 800m loop.

I just swam the 75m & 800m loops.  Good thing about wearing the wetsuit is i didn't have
to use my legs, so didn't get any ankle pain. Made me feel a lot better about next weeks
triathlon. Cold saved me having to worry about icing it as well.


Bike  - 1 hour 7 minutes

Tied this in with my timing role of the works Thursday night run round the lake.


Rest day


Open water Swim - 33 minutes

Lovely morning down the lake. Dropped the wife off at work then got down there for
8.45am. Just did 3 laps of the 400m loop. Taking it a bit easy while i still have the ankle
issue but will increase my distance by 400m each session till I'm up to ironman distance.
Plan to do open water swimming every Wednesday & alternate Saturdays

Our beautiful lake

Arleya Spielberg

Run - 11 minutes (1.2 miles)

First run since the London marathon. As the ankle and calves are still not 100% this was
just a 'see if i can actually run' session. Also tried to run with the dog as my wife keeps
bugging me to take Sally with me on runs. I've chosen not too in the past due to the lack
of brain in my dog.

My fears of this not being a great idea were proved correct after I'd tripped over her

half a dozen times in the first couple of minutes.

Bike - 4 hours 9 minutes -

Longest ride of the year. Just over 60 miles at a 14.5 mph average. Weather was a bit
crap. 15mph head wind for the first half then rain for the second. Had a few route
issues as well due to the Garmin taking me into the Stanford military training area.
Meant i had to mess about finding a new route to get round or risk getting my head
shot off.

Positive today was being able to spend more time on the tri bars, think I've nailed the
positioning there finally. Although I had a bit of lower back & shoulder ache.

Had the best tasting energy gel ever today. A freebie High 5 Banana gel (from last

weeks Waveney volunteering job). Totally non sickly, unlike the other gels i have .
Once I've used up my current supplies this will be the  gel of choice going forwards.


My first Triathlon of 2013 is next Sunday. The Slateman in Snowdonia. I'll be travelling
down Friday morning with the family for what will hopefully be a most enjoyable

You can track my progress through the Slateman Tracker, link below

Found the cycle route on Strava. first 5 miles looks like it will be hard work. Rewards of
stunning scenery & long downhill stretches will be the rewards hopefully

Slateman bike route stava

Wiggle bargain if you use High 5 products like me. 50% off Iso Gels

Think that's it for this week. Next update is likely to not be out until Tuesday due to the
Wales trip.


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