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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Spring Waveney Triathlon 2013

Ironman Training week 17 (disaster week)

So, off the back of the swimathon my left ankle swelled up like a balloon. Following the RICE procedure has helped but it's put me pretty much out of action for another week.

Had hoped it would have been better by now with some rest etc, but following my marshalling session at a triathlon today it has again swollen back up. Pretty gutted as I have The Slateman in 2 weeks & was hoping to start some open water training next week.

Going to have to bite the bullet & go see a physio, an additional cost i could do without at this time.
Through self diagnosis sounds like i have this

On a positive, had the itinerary come through for The Slateman. Looks like a fun packed weekend is due to be had. Lots on for the families as well. Sky, Eurosports & Channel 4 will be there to film the event. Channel 4 due to broadcast on 21st July. Water temperature is still a bit nippy over there though at a barmy 10 degrees.


Calorie burn January = 29,160
Calorie burn February = 34,932
Calorie burn for March = 47,799
Calorie burn for April =  28,453
Calorie burn for May = 3489

Training hours this week = 3 hours 52 minutes

Not a great deal to report I'm afraid as far as training has gone. Did a painful walk to work and back on the Monday, about 2 miles there. Did spur me into getting my MTB out of the shed and use that to get to work and back the rest of the week. That accounted for  9 miles cycling.

Only bonus for this week is cycling doesn't aggravate my ankle. Means i will get round the Slateman regardless as i can swim the 1000m without using my legs & then just hobble round the run course if needs be.


Started a running group at work. Based it on the Trianglia round the lake challenge. This is one lap of Whittlingham Broad, approx 2.2 miles
Had 7 turn up for the first week. More intending coming for the weeks ahead. I will run it throughout the summer then do a end of season race with handicaps based on everyones average times
First of the Thursday night runners


Bike 3 hours 52 minutes -

Really chuffed to have managed this considering. Again, it's made me feel a lot better knowing that despite my injury i can still knock out a 50+ mile ride without any difficulty.


Spring Waveney -

Marshalled at Spring Waveney today. Met a couple of people who i have only known on the Triathlon Internet forums which was nice. Well done Ali & Rachel. Was great as always to meet up with my fellow club mates as well.
Lovely sunny day, Arleya & myself were on the cycle mount /dismount line, as we were at last years spring Waveney.

The boss man, Vince from work took part, so was good to be able to cheer him on. Watched him do a great flying mount onto his bike, only to then make a total spoon of trying to get his feet into the shoes, which was quite funny.
He's still a lot quicker than my stop, get on bike & ride away grandad technique though.Well done Coxy.

Sharp exit for me to get home once all the bikes were back in, hit the Ibuprofen & get ice on my ankle again.

Wheres my shoes?

TriAnglian Joe Skipper shows us the way. Today's winner & a new course record. 44mins 30secs
Cheering on Coxy with Alibear

As i have only marshalled the last three Waveney events I've decided to add the Autumn Waveney Triathlon to my planned schedule. Will make September a busy period with the Great Barrow Challenge & Club relays also falling in that month.


Took Arleya out on her racer for a bit this evening. She has her first triathlon in June & has hardly used her racer. Local B&Q car park gives us a nice circuit for her to practise safely. One loop of the car park is about 480 metres.
She rode 4 laps then ran 1 lap x 2. We'll try get down there a couple of times a week then start increasing the distance.
Said she prefered cycling to running, just like dad. Guess i'll be having to buy her a decent road bike at some point then.

B&Q race circuit :-)

So, plan for the next week or so. Cycling for all the times i had set aside for running & swimming. Although i may have a little open water swim on Wednesday evening.

Trip to physio to see what can be done to sort my ankle out, will see if something can be done to my calves as well.

Talking to a lady at the Triathlon today who was promoting her husbands new venture in Triathlon winter training. Between January & March 2014 in Rwanda. Sounded really good, although winter training in warmer climates is a luxury out of my price range. Heres a link to the website though if anyone else is interested.



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