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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Children in Need 2012

Not a bad training week, until Saturday when  i was struck down with the dreaded man flu.

Not a great deal to report this week.


Tues - 5.13 mile run - 9.41 min/mile
Weds - 1.24 mile swim
Thurs - 5.13 mile run - 8.53 min/mile

Bit gutted i haven't done the 10 mile run I'd had planned this weekend. Didn't get in till 2.30am Saturday morning after working the call centre & i felt like shite.

2 milers planned for Tuesday & Thursday then Norwich Half marathon next Sunday. As long as i can go round without stopping I'll be happy.

Had a good night taking calls for children in need. I took 54 & received just over £1700. My biggest donation was £200.

Children in Need call centre, cake time :-)

Back on cycling to work from next week, might also go out for an hours ride next week see how the knee is.

Once the half marathon is done next Sunday that's my lot till the new year. Had an email from Tim who I'm doing IMUK with next year, asking which Olympic & middle distance tri to do on the run up next year.

Tim suggested the Slateman as an Olympic, i have looked at this before after watching it on eurosport so will probably go with that.

Still to decide on the middle distance though. I'll have a search round in the new year.

Bought some new running socks as i was starting to get blisters on the ball of my foot as I've increased the distance. After recommendations from my Runners World forum buddies I went with the more mile brand. 3 pairs for just under a tenner & they are brilliant.

So, apologies for the blogs not being very exciting recently. Things should start picking up once the Ironman training begins proper next year.

Few of the Tri Anglians were at the National Triathlon awards this weekend & look who they got to meet. Hope you don't mind me pinching your pics guys?

Becky, Rob, Alistair, Mark, Tony

Tony, Becky, Jonny, Mark, Rob
Really nice of the Olympian brothers to pose for the pics.

Another Tri Anglian result for meeting the famous was Vince who met Chrissie Wellington whilst swimming at a Thetford pool during last week. No pic available though I'm afraid

Happy training

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