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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Ironman UK Training Week 5

Super week this week, more PB's, weight loss & a silver medal for my daughter.

Decided to weigh myself as it was now February, going to do that each month. I've lost 4lbs in 2 weeks, so now I'm only 2 lbs off last years all time low.

13st 11lb, hoping to be closer to 12 stone by Ironman time.

All down to increased exercise. No fad diets, miracle plans or drugs. I still eat quite rubbish, things like burgers, pizzas, chips, just reduced the volume.

Guess I'd lose the weight quicker if i went totally clean on my diet, but how long would that last? It would make me miserable, i love food & life's too short to completely cut out everything bad.


Calories burnt for the year = 40,204
Training hours this week =  7 Hours 58 Minutes


Coached Swim 1 hour.

Did a few drills again this week, same as previous week. Added a 400 metre time trial in. Took 10 minutes 19 seconds (including a slight wait) Took over 16 minutes to do 300 metres at Wattisham Triathlon last year. I was still only doing breast stroke then though.


Bike 31 minutes /Run 16 minutes brick session - Bike route

Biggest snowflakes in the world started coming down as i left work so i had to drag the mountain bike out again. Annoying. Not to mention the sharp icy wind, not a pleasant walk home.
Stuck the lights on the MTB and off i went. My arse was soaked with icy water within a minute of leaving the house. Poodled round the city & was relieved to get home. Arleya had gone to piano so nobody to help with transition.

Still, was out the door within a few minutes, run was quite nice. Did my standard 15 minute out and back to Sainsbury's down Lakenham Way.


Run 47 minutes

Nice run in the sleet & hail. At least i'll be well prepared if i get shite weather at events i do this year

Swim 1 hour

Is what it is, up and down the pool zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Although I'm definitely getting quicker. Fastest pace I've done and knocked out 86 x 25m lengths in an hour


Bike Ride - 47 minutes - Hill Training

Took in Telegraph Lane & Harvey Lane tonight. Climbed 594 feet. Front derailleur started playing up which was a pain. Obviously down to my duff adjusting on Sundays course.

Thursday sessions increase to an hour from next week. I'm debating just doing a small circuit near my house ,riding up Long John Hill a dozen times. Boring but I'll get more ascending in within the hour.


Rest day & Pizza


Park run - 5k.

Always such a mission to get up and do this. Pretty cold again this morning too. Started nearer to the front of the pack today. Was a bit more awake & actually moved as soon as the whistle went.
Had to clamber over a ton of kids to find a clearing which i eventually got after a couple of minutes. Be glad when Mulbarton park run starts, hoping it will be less crowded.

Went with the follow Coxy plan again but trotted past him after about half a lap this time. He was having hamstring issues & had to slow it up a bit. Managed to keep a steady sub 8 min mile pace all the way round. At one point i thought i was on for a sub 23 minute time.

Eventually clocked in at 23.08, another 58 seconds off last weeks PB. Well chuffed. My stride felt longer and more relaxed today, although i was still breathing pretty hard.

Bike 1hr 45 49 minutes -

Great ride this, sunny, dry & not very windy, which was certainly a novelty of late.
Kept a decent pace although my average was totally ruined in crossing Norwich, not helped by all the football traffic. Still, a 15 min average will be more than good enough for my Ironman campaign.

Obviously i wont have the added time of stopping to take pictures of churches in Bolton either. managed to pick off another four today -


Run 1hr 15 minutes -

Nice early morning run, not as early as previous weeks which was good. Legs are starting to feel tired now, always good to know I haven't got to run again until Tuesday & that's only 15 minutes

Next weeks training time sees the biggest increase so far as the plan increases to around 10 hours.


Great result for my daughter at the Norfolk ACF cross country competition today

As she's 13 she was supposed to be in the Junior group, however, due to lack of numbers they bumped her up to the intermediate category (14 to 15 years) to make up that teams numbers, which seemed a bit unfair to me. However, she still came 2nd

So, with the Norfolk ACF competition done, she now does the Regional championships in March. A decent result there and it's off to the Nationals. She will run as a Junior going forward apparently.

Somehow i ended up walking round the course as well??

Heres a few pics, it was freezing cold, can't believe some of the kids were just in T-Shirts

Top of a long uphill drag


Smile knowing she beat bunches of 15 year olds
Silver medal from the Colonel

Happy Days

 Cant think of anything else, although I'm sure there is some other stuff i was supposed to put in this week??????????   Will have to wait till next week now.



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