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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Giro d'Italia begins

First of the grand tours has begun then. Doesn't seem that long ago that i was watching Tour de France in 2011 & planning my training for the Norwich 100, which is now looming.

Good start for Brit, Geraint Thomas who picked up second place in the stage one Time Trial

Not a great deal to report this week from a training point of view. No events either.

Got a few niggles going on which don't seem to be easing. Aching shoulder, knee & shins. Perhaps i need to reduce my training time over the the next few weeks. Want to be as close to 100% fit when i do my first Century cycle ride.

Next Saturday I have Wattisham Triathlon -

Then marshaling on Sunday with Arleya at the Waveney 1 Triathlon for Tri-Anglia.
We are looking after the cycle mount & dismount area, something new, should be fun.

Tri-Harder event at Whit lane tomorrow so should hopefully get my wetsuit sorted out. Will be able to have a 30 minute open water swim as well despite the cold weather.


Monday - 41.32 Bike ride -

Tuesday - 3.49 mile run

Wednesday - 1.55 mile swim - This is a new overall distance PB for me & I also managed 6 x 25m in a row lengths of front crawl.

Thursday - Bike clean up

Friday - Ate a smaller sized Pizza

Saturday - 3.11 mile run & 35.55 mile bike ride - Bike ride was a nightmare. Was going to go to Overstrand but 2 minutes from leaving the house realised i should have put tights on instead of shorts. Then the Garmin map i had downloaded didn't work properly. Bum started aching after 20 minutes. Gears started playing up & grinding noises started coming from the bottom bracket.To top it off, despite a dry day forecast, it started bloody hailing. So, cut the route short. Rolled in to Norwich & noticed the seat was sliding about, explains the bum issue.

First time i have been totally pissed off on a bike ride & cut it shorter than planned. I guess i cant complain having one bad ride in nearly a whole year.

On the plus side. Fritton Lake Park run was great. 2 laps of cross country. Sorted out by the Active Outdoor Sport guys so as usual, top notch organisation.

1.01 mile swim & 3.26 mile walk

Other Stuff

Even if your not interested in doing an Ironman event but just want to get fit or even doing a shorter Tri, you should invest in the Don Fink book, 'Be Iron Fit'.
Just reading the technique part on swimming has helped me this week. I even felt myself start to glide through the water occasionally.

I will now also be planning my training in 'time' rather than 'miles' as Fink's rationale behind this makes obvious sense. Also will be concentrating more on training within the appropriate Heart Rate Zones. Not as technical as it may sound when explained in the right way. I can plan all the training sessions including intervals as per Finks training plan in Garmin Connect & download to Forerunner or Edge.

Ordered a few things this week, more expense. some Zogg predator flex swim goggles, a smaller saddle bag as i keep catching my leg on the one i have now. Also bought a bag that fits to the cross bar and handlebar stem.

Blog should be a bit more interesting next week as it will include two Triathlon events & some pictures.

Happy Training

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