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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Norwich 100 2012

A light weeks training due to the Norwich 100 today.

Monday - 9.06 mile cycle

Tuesday - 9.14 mile cycle

Wednesday - Went for my first full open water swim session. Swam one lap of the 1600m course in around 50 minutes. You only get an hour on Wednesday swim time so I will have to head up to Fritton Lake on a Saturday to swim the full Iron man distance.  Big stress relief though knowing that i could make the 2.4 mile swim within the cut off time now.
Also did a 4.28 MTB ride

Other than being a marshall at Norwich Park run on Saturday that's it training wise.

Sunday - Norwich 100 -

My first century ride done today. This was my first goal when i quit smoking & began cycling about a year ago.

Here's how the day went.

5am wake up, coffee, porridge & two slices of toast for breakfast.
6.50am met Matt then headed down to the start.
Straight forward at the start, just handed over our entry cards & got a map. Then off to the start line and away with the 7.10am batch.
Stopped for our first break at Hindringham. Think it was aound 30 miles.
Hit a few cheeky hills between there and the halfway point at Sheringham.

There was a mandatory 20 minute stop at Sherringham high school. Cup of tea & Tuna sandwich there to tide me over, Was sick of eating gels already & felt like i would throw up if i had another. I don't think all the jelly babies & energy drink I'd consumed so far was helping either. Decided to stick to water as much as poss on the second 50.

Good coming through Cromer & Mundesley, quite a few people out cheering us on. Matt even saw his dad at Cromer. Sat on the back of a group from Mundesley to Happisburgh so that all went quite easy. Was feeling really strong till this point.

Our next stop was planned at 75 miles, Horsey Mill. Struggled for 5 miles prior to this with neck ache, bum ache & leg ache. Pulled in to Horsey Mill looked round and couldn't see Matt anywhere. I'd been chirping away to the rider behind me thinking it was Matt for the last few miles. Wondered why he had gone quiet. Matt had also been struggling & I'd accidentally dropped him. Think we both must have hit our walls on this section.

A 10 minute lie down, drink & an ice cream for Matt we were sorted. The next 20 miles went really quick with no problems. Stopped at Recruiting Sergeant, Coltishall so can Matt could let his wife know what time we'd be in.

My wife & daugther actually made it to the finish line this time so we saw each other as i came over the line. Medal, water & 100m certificate handed over, job done.

Coming into the finish

Well done old chap
So, two more weeks and it's my next 100. The Boudicca 100 then a week later my first open water Triathlon at Fritton. Exciting month ahead.

Ironman plans have changed this week & i have decided for my first i want to do the proper branded event. Will do the Bolton one if it's there again next year.

Not much else to report. Bought some arm warmers & a waterproof watch for the swimming. Apparently the Tri-Anglia kit has arrived so I should be all kitted out with club gear soon.

Happy training

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