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Sunday, 24 June 2012

2.4 mile Ironman Swim

Another week gone & experienced a couple of new achievements this week.
No event write ups though, need to wait for next Sunday for my Norwich Triathlon experience.
Anyone wants to come down & cheer us all on, will be appreciated, all the Triathlon events are now full. Here's the start times

Address: Whitlingham Country Park, Trowse, Norwich, NR14 8TR
Olympic Triathlon 8:00 am
Olympic Relay Triathlon 8:30 am
Sprint Triathlon 09:30 am

Achievements this week

Monday saw me break the one year non smoking anniversary
Saturday I managed to swim the 2.4 mile Ironman distance within the cut off time of 2 hrs 20 mins. Only by 11 mins but a huge result for me & a weight off my mind. This is the furthest I've ever swam by a long way.  I stayed off the alcohol the night before, even though I was at the annual work BBQ, another first.

On the subject of achievements, well done to Mark Nash & Kevin Kavanagh on completing their first Triathlon today. Pop over to the ''Fatman to Ironman'' forum thread on Runners World website so we can add you to the cherry popping Ironman 2013 squad :-)

Training done this week
Monday - Rest day

Tuesday - Rest day - Bike 2.1 miles

Wednesday - 37min Bike - 50 min open water swim. Big breakthrough on front crawl. Did loads during this session although i wound up completing the mile 4 minutes slower ?? Found myself a lot more relaxed & smoother now so can concentrate on technique from now.

Thursday - 1 hour Bike + 23 minute run brick session

Friday - 47 min bike, (before work)

Saturday  - 2.4 mile open water swim in 2 hrs 9 mins (fanfare) Did this at Fritton Lake. £5 to swim whatever you want between 8am & 10.30am. You could even incorporate the Fritton Park run at 9am. More details here

Sunday - 45 min run. Most comfortable run i've done in a while. This pace will do nicely for the half Ironman.
1hr 57min Mountain bike. Nice change, heres the route

Took additional rest day this week & reduced running to try cure shin/calf problem

Weight loss

Was having a look through some of my pics from when i first started doing events. Quite nice & motivating to see a change in my shape :-)

January 2012

June 2012
Same jacket but not quite as snug in the June pic. Less chins in June than Mr Chunk in Jan.

You know I'd had the shin & calf issues. I ordered these things.

Got an extra 10% off last weekend as well because it was fathers day :-)
Worn them twice this week & i have to say, made a massive difference. I still spend most evenings wearing compression socks. Also continue to  run cold water over my shins & calves after a run. Started rubbing Sainsbury's Ibuprofen Gel down my shin bone & round my calf's. All helps me.


Starts next Saturday. Those who have read my blog from the beginning will know what an inspiration I found this at the start of this Journey. Doesn't feel like a year has gone by already.

I've set up a 'Fatman to Ironman' Fantasy league if anyone wants to join that. Good fun, you don't need to know a great deal about cycling, all free. Just click on the following link

Create your team & join the mini league. Code is 23123333 

Fritton Triathlon split times

I was 26th

Arleya sporting her 10th Park run T-Shirt

Cant think of anything else for this week.

Happy training

Join the Facebook Group - The Ironman Journey!/groups/287319678021088/

Say hello on the Fatman to Ironman forum

My charity page for event listings & making a donation

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