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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Boudicca 100 Sportive

Second century ride done this morning. Again in glorious sunshine around the Norfolk countryside.

Began training for the half IM at Ely this week. Put together training plan based on Don Finks full IM competitive program. I'd originally just halved the times but I have since increased the bike mileage to 75% of full time (i love cycling) & will do the full amount of swimming as this is my most rubbish bit.

Training for this week (managed my full plan despite the bad bad weather)

Monday - Bike 31.30 minutes & Run 45.30 minutes

Tuesday - Rest day - although went geocaching (great fun ) with Arleya which probably ended up as a 10 mile hike.

Wednesday - Run 30.01 minutes,  Open Water swim 45.19 minutes (new PB on 1600m) & Bike ride 26.52 minutes (this was getting to swimming & back)

Thursday - Bike/Cycle brick - Bike 29.30 minutes, quick change Run 14.52 minutes

Friday - Pool swim 1 hr 6 mins - 1950 metres. Bike 47 minutes

Saturday - Rest day due to 100 mile sportive on Sunday. Marshaled at Fritton park run though

Sunday - Boudicca 100 sportive 5 hrs 32 mins -

With the increase in running i think i've pulled a small muscle in the side of my leg, near the shin. Quite painful when walking, although is loads better after a couple of days non running.

Boudicca Sportive

Fantastic, very well organised event by Sara Flatt which began at the Horse Welfare centre near Snetterton. I was going to start at 7.30am but got there early as i couldn't sleep as usual the night before.
Got up at 5am, had my usual event day breakfast. Oats simple stuff, two slices of toast & marmalade , coffee. Seems to work for me :-)

Already had my race number off the website, 008, missed the 007 by one grrrr. No numbers needed to be worn though as the whole event was chip timed.

Got to the start at 6.45, registered, got a goody bag with free gel & energy bar, plus the timing chip. There was an instruction board on how to attach the tag which i started to do like everyone else. Then remembered I had my trainers on & not cycling shoes, doh.

Was a bit of a chill in the air but a hot day was expected with the possibility of rain mid afternoon. Had my arm warmers on, bloody brilliant invention (thanks Karl) Decided not to take suncream as I'd already bathed in it at home. Also decided to take a chance on not taking my waterproof.

I was ready to roll just after 7am. We were started off in groups of about 20 with a few minutes interval between. Two feed stations on route. These were well stocked with free energy drink, bananas, malt loaf, fig biscuits, cereal bars etc

I kept with the same group for 85 miles then riders started to drop off. Two dropped off earlier due to punctures, one guys tyre making a sound like a shotgun when it burst so god knows that he had filled it with.

The pace increased a lot following the second feed station so no surprise riders were starting to struggle. Pace increase was mainly down to a giant South African guy who could really motor. Managed to hold my own though & coming up to 90 miles there was just 3 of us left. South African man dropped off to stay with his mate who was struggling. Took turns on the front and managed to keep the speed around 20mph.

Next to go was a velo rider, not sure why, then me :-( couldn't keep up with the last guy, my legs were shot. However, 3 miles from home he took a wrong turn. Despite my shouting to him he continued on up the wrong road. :-)

99 miles done and i could see another bunch hammering down so i tried to pick up the pace, I know it's not a race but i was in the zone. Despite my best efforts, the mini peleton gobbled me up about a mile from the finish.

So, chips were cut off, bike put in the car and off to the cafe at the Welfare centre where we were given free pasta salad & a cup of tea. Happy days :-)

I will be doing this again next year without a doubt

No pictures this week I'm afraid. Should have some next week from Fritton Tri. My first open water Triathlon. May be able to get away with not wearing a wetsuit if the temperature is over 14 degrees. Will save me 5 mins in T1.

Ordered some more stuff.
Aero bars from Ebay -

Total Immersion book -

Put an order in for a pirate Monaco Tri top as well.

Also thanks to Gastank on RW i now need to buy decals & a speed fill bottle for my bike.

With today's cycle & my swimming times I have a lot more confidence in my ability to complete my Ironman challenges.

Happy training folks.

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  1. you sure have the bug andy!! im really pleased your training is going so well. swim wise, whats likely to happen to your swim time without a wet suit? most people are much slower, it may be worth a try on wed. trick with getting off is baby oil over legs and arms, outside of suit not inside. exit the water, rech behind undo zip and have down to your waist before you arrive at your transition spot. the baby oil makes a lot of difference

  2. Thanks Tina. I used some lube on my legs & outside of wetsuit last week, it does make a big difference. The Fritton Swim isnt far & i'll be doing breaststroke again so doubt there will be a major difference in my time.