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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Ironman UK Training Week 8

Still rocking on, nailed a couple of PB's this week as well. Week 9 starts tomorrow. Nearly a third of the way through.


Calorie burn January = 29,160
Calorie burn February = 34,932
Calories burnt for the year = 64,092

Training hours this week = 10 hours 28 minutes


Swim 1 hour coached session.

350m warm up,  200m kicks, 100m finger dragging drill. Then did 5 x 200m at my critical swim speed. Based on the previous weeks timed 200m & 400m swims i believe. Anyway, my CSS was 5.40 mins for 200m so i was supposed to try swim the 200's in that time

I did 5 sets at 5.06, 5.18, 5.25, 5.30, 5.33. Which wasn't far out & did feel comfortable.

Finished off with a couple of breaststroke lengths. Enjoyable, seemed to go really quick tonight.


Bike 47 minutes/Run 15 minutes brick - Bike.

Went out on the Trianglia sprint tri circuit tonight. Bit drizzly, electric pylons were making some funny old fizzing sounds when i was riding under them. No lighting disasters tonight. Run was an out and back again. Nothing much to report on tonight's training to be honest.


Run 1 hour

Nice easy jog down to Whitlingham round the lake and home.

Swim 1 hour

Breakthrough with the bilateral breathing tonight. Did 10 lengths doing the usual 2 stroke breathing on my right hand side. Then, alternated with bilateral breathing.

Once I'd got a few lengths of bilateral breathing down I started doing alternate lengths with different breathing/ stroke patterns.
25m 2 strokes
25m 3 strokes
25m 4 strokes
25m 5 strokes
Then back to beginning.

Finished off with 20 lengths of bilateral breathing


Bike ride 1 hour -

Bit of a crazy day, late home from work, had to quickly squeeze this in before taking my wife into the city, finally got to eat some tea at 9pm. So i didn't fancy hitting hills & instead just rode round the Norwich ring road.


Rest day & curry night


Park Run - 22.02 new PB

After last nights curry really didn't fancy doing this. Although i love a  phal, i know I'll suffer for it in the morning. Bit like knowing your going to have a crap hangover but still drink too much the night before.

Still, after initial issues I felt OK to nip up to Eaton park. Temperature was a bit warmer than it had been, this was also going to be my first Park run in the Newton trainers i got the other week.

Got a bit held up at the start, but by the time i got to the far end of the park it was fairly clear. Was surprised at my pace, was running at just over 7 minute miles. It was burning the lungs but i felt like i could carry on at the same pace. Second lap same, even had some sub 7 minute times flashing up on the Garmin. Managed to come in at 22.02. 68 seconds off previous PB, again, wish I'd pushed it a tad more and broken the 22 minute. Maybe next time.

Will be slower next week as I'm going to run round with Arleya, see if i can pace her so she can get a PB. Her best time to date is 28 minutes 59 seconds

Bike ride 2 hours 1 minute -

Pleasant ride out. Not a great deal to say about it. Only stopped once at Attlebridge to take a picture of the church


Swim 1 hour 2 minutes - 88 lengths

Really quiet down the pool today. I guess the initial crowds who appeared in January with their New Years resolutions to exercise may have started to dwindle. Everyone in the swim lanes was actually swimming rather than socialising as well, so a good, stress free session was had.

Did a bit more bilateral practise

10 x 25m 2 stroke breathing
10 x 25m 3 stroke breathing

Just alternated that for 80 lengths then did the last 200 metres 4 strokes

Run 2 hours -

This was going OK until around 75 minutes then bonk, light headed & quite dizzy, sweats. Obviously hadn't eaten enough prior to the run. Thankfully i had decided to start taking a bottle of energy drink with me since the run times had increased, which is what managed to get me home. Was a tough final 45 minutes though.

Still 2 hours non stop running is a PB for me, although the distance isn't. Maybe next week, will take a gel with me next time.

Friday afternoon an article sprung up on the works Intranet looking for people who might be interested in doing the Milan Marathon on April 7th.

Four places for a marathon entry, free flights and accommodation courtesy of Aviva Italy. Well, had to throw my name in the hat for that one. Just had to say you were fit to do the marathon & why you wanted to do it. Please let me do some training in a warm climate Aviva, even if it's only for a weekend. Hopefully find out this week.

Fitted the new aero drink bottle & aero bars today

View from the cockpit

Almost finished Arleyas bike for her debut triathlon. Had a right issue cutting brake & gear cables. I've bought two different cutters now and they have both been shit & would struggle to cut string let alone a metal cable. May have to just splash out and buy a park tool pair which i know are good. Anyway, this is where we are at:

 Complete with my old Boardman saddle & first computer i had

Dads turn

This was only up and down the road a few yards outside our house, for a few pics. Usual cycle rides do always involve wearing cycle helmets!

Finally. I've changed the charity i hope to raise money for this year although the Help for Heroes charity page will remain open.

My charity of choice this year is for The Royal Anglian Benevolent Fund. List of current events I'm signed up for are on the link below.

The Royal Anglian Regiment Benevolent Charity Fund was established to help the serving and former members of the Royal Anglian Regiment and their dependants who are: in need, hardship or distress.
Please donate what you can through my Just Giving page -
That's all for this week
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