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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Weight Loss & PB Week

Ironman UK Training Week 10

Couple of good results this week. Dropped another 4lbs so now down to my lowest weight in over a decade. 13st 5lbs. Also managed to knock out a swim distance PB. More of that in the training part though.

Had another great result on the London Marathon front as well. Been given 'after party' event passes for Planet Hollywood & Grandstand seats for a couple of my friends at the marathon finish. So i now have a couple of groupies coming down to London with me. Only a month away, really looking forward to it.


Calories burnt for the year = 89,647

Training hours this week = 11 hours 47 minutes


Swim. club coached session 1 hour

300m warm up, 100m kicking, 100m water polo drill.

Sets at CSS pace with 30 second rest in between

100m x 4
200m x 1
100m x 4
300m x 1
50m kicking drill


Bike  46 minutes/Run 15 minutes Brick session

Tried out a new hill tonight, 130ft. Thunder lane in Norwich. Seemed to go on for quite a while but a surprisingly enjoyable climb. Started snowing during my ride again, couldn't believe it after leaving work and seeing blue sky.

Run was my normal out and back to Sainsbury. Feel ready to up the distance on these Tuesday bricks now but I'll stick to plan to hopefully avoid injuries.


Run 1 hour 2 minutes -

After a stressful couple of days work a good run was just what was needed. Felt nice relaxed and comfortable down to the lake and back. Good there has been a fair bit of work done down there to keep the pathways relatively bog free.

Swim 1 hour

250 metres 2 stroke breathing followed by 250m 3 stroke breathing. After that knocked out another 71 lengths concentrating mainly on my arm stroke. PB tonight for furthest I've ever done in an hour. 91 lengths in an hour.


Bike 1 hour -

Got back on a cycle climbing session this week. Stuck to my Mansfield Lane/Long John Hill loop. Didn't count how many times i went up them but achieved 844ft within the hour.


Rest day


No park run today as car was due in for it's MOT & service. Had planned to do a little run but bike ride ended up being 20 minutes longer than planned, plus had to an additional ride to pick the car up. So, cancelled my 20 minute run for today. Probably do me good as my right calf has been a bit tight this week.

Bike 2 hours 49 minutes -

Had to drop the car off for it's MOT first thing so took my bike & gear with me. Went straight out for my ride after this. Was a bit drizzly first thing but this soon stopped. Very windy today as well with 22mph + winds on the horizon. Good for us Norfolk cyclists though as the added resistance makes up for lack of hills.

Getting the hang of using the aero bottle now although everytime i take a drink i tend to dribble some over the Garmin. You also have to try and time your drink on smooth road or risk having your head impaled on the straw if you hit a bump.

Having a few issues with the aero bars, just cant get the position right and getting an ache in my left forearm. Had no problems last year. Thinking it may be down to all the extra layers I'm currently wearing, we;ll see when it becomes warm enough (if) for short sleeve attire.

So, ride was much more enjoyable than last week even with the banging head wind out to Attleborough. I stayed pretty dry & a lot warmer.Coming back from Attleborough was pretty quick as we had tail wind all the way, happy days.

Bike 24 minutes

Not really an official training ride, but a few more miles in the saddle to pick my car up & handover £350. Don't you just love owning a car!


Run 2 hours 31 minutes -

No Karate for Arleya today due to the club gradings so meant i could get out first thing & do my run before swim again. Weather was a lot better today, no rain and wind half what it was yesterday. Was a bit hot in my running jacket today so will be probably be binning that layer of running attire in a week or so.

Amalgamated two of my regular routes. From mine round Whit lane lake then back over to the UEA. Was really good, no mishaps although was still very boggy in places.

Had a couple of niggles but minor adjustments to my stride soon saw them vanish. Top of my inside leg was a bit tight today for most of the run. A good stretch should sort that out. Might get on my old stretching machine from the karate days.

Two PB's today. Longest time i have ran non stop for & also the furthest distance I have ever ran non stop.

Swim 1 hour

Intended to have a nice relaxed swim, legs were aching after the run. Not much time for a rest as i needed to get everything done in time to get home and watch the cycling.

Still managed 86 lengths, didn't do anything funky, just up and down. Would have probably been able to do a good 90 again even taking it easy but i did the last 6 really slow breaststroke. Hoping i could stretch the legs out a bit.

Next week sees the addition of another bike session, there is now a 30 minute ride added to the Sunday session. So, full triathlon every Sunday going forwards.

Other bits

Spring classics started today. Milan - San Remo being the first one.
Good coverage on Eurosports again. Weather was atrocious and the race had to be stopped at one point & one of the climbs cancelled.  Have a look at some of the pics David Millar tweeted @millarmind

Got a few donations in for this years charity 'The Royal Anglian Benevolent' fund. Up to £85. I will have spent over £1000 on events this year so would be good to get near to that. You can donate through the web page or by text.

Web page link -

Or Text RABF84 £1 to 70070 to sponsor me.

For Trianglia members. Those who ordered Beanies, I now have them ready for collection. Contact me to collect please.

Think that's it.

Till next week, have fun.


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