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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Dualathon day

So, second dualathon day and feeling good for a PB. Elastic laces & a transition plan should see me shave off 4 mins there, plus my bike riding is speeding up. Hoping for a 1.20 today.

Only one problem, bloody mega freeze last night and the roads are like a skating ring so dualaton cancelled. Next one will now be the Friton off road dualathon on 26th Feb.

Heres the link

Much training this week???

Wednesday, swam 60 lengths in 50 minutes, fastest ive done. Breast stroke still though.

My new Garmin Edge 800 bike computer arrived, love it. Wish i'd bought the bundle pack with the extra maps though as it's now going to cost me shitloads more for them.

Did a 13 mile cycle saturday & a 26 miler today, nearly had a big off when i hit a pile of slush though. Heres the routes.

Off to Butlins for 4 days tomorrow so not much biking etc going on. Will probably swim most days though

Remember, everything i do this year is for 'Help for Heros' heres the link to make a donation if you wish

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