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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Bradley Wiggins & Le Tour de France

What another great day for British cycling . Bradley Wiggins, becomes the first Brit to win Le Tour de France. Chris Froome comes second overall & Mark Cavendish wins the stage on the Champs Elysees for the 4th year running.  Fantastic, Olympic gold next week please lads!
Some great pics here

I feel like i haven't achieved much this week, training wise. Sorting out the allotment has been the highlight. Been down there twice to start the clear up. Stuck 3 hours into mapmyride (you can record gardening as a work out) Gave me a 1264 calorie burn. Never really 100% how accurate those things are but i'll take it :-)

Monday - Run 73min
Tuesday - Bike 72min
Wednesday - Run 30min & Swim 1 hour
Thursday - Bike 66min/Run 15min brick session
Friday - 3 mile walk
Saturday - Bike 2hr 40min. (longest ride in a while
Sunday - Swim 27min (pool was evacuated due to power cut)

IMUK 2012 today -

Well done to Paul Quantrill & the other TriAnglians who completed IMUK 2012 in Bolton today. Paul finished in 13hrs 27 mins, awesome time.  I will be there next year, but a few hours behind that finish :-)

Also a big well done to  Amy Dungar who became Norfolk County 5k Champion today


Off to London on Friday to camp at Box Hill ready for two days of Olympic Cycling excitement. Cant wait.

Cant think of anything else to write this week.

Happy Training

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