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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Victory Triathlon North Walsham


Despite the depressing weather we have been experiencing for what seems like an eternity, I have had a pretty enjoyable week.

Whats happened?

Norwich Council have allocated us an allotment/jungle. Two years on the waiting list but we were aware this was the timescale so no biggy. 250 sqm @ £37.50 per year, you cant grumble. Should give me some extra calorie burning exercise clearing that plot. Doing another blog on it to record progress or lack of.

Spent Friday evening and Saturday afternoon at Crystal Palace watching the athletics. Really good as usual, despite the weather.

Viewing summer sporting events in the UK

Me & Spike

Team GB Olympic Athletes

Arleya with Jeff Porter

Anyway, this isn't a gardening or weekend breaks blog Baxter so get back on with the Ironman training!

Training - Bit less this week due to weekend activities & quite a bit of ankle pain. Ankle felt a lot better after a few days rest & was fine during today's triathlon. Good

Monday - Bike 57min & Run 1hr 16min
Tuesday - Rest day
Wednesday - Early morning Run 40min, Open water Swim 31min, Bike 12min
Thursday - Bike 56min
Friday - Rest day
Saturday - Rest day
Sunday - Victory Triathlon

Victory Triathlon

Yet another great event by active outdoor sports

6am wake up, went with the tried & tested nutritional plan of porridge, toast & two cups of coffee. Shower, pack car & out the door for 7am.

Sun was shining & i managed to drive across Norwich without getting stopped at a single red light. Good sign for the day.

Arrived at the Victory Gym in North Walsham at 7.30am. Simple registration, my transition set up only took 5 minutes, think I'm getting the hang of that now. Briefing was at 8.10am with racing beginning at 8.30am. Came out of registration & bumped into an old boss, Charlie Crafer who was trying to recruit interest in a new Victory Triathlon club. Anyone living out North Walsham way if your interested give the leisure centre a call.

As a slow swimmer my start time was 9:34am. I'd predicted 9 minutes to swim the 300m but that was based on breaststroke. As you know I can now do front crawl, so was going to attempt this triathlon as my first using front crawl. Hopefully my time wouldn't be far out.

Met with Dave, aka 'Spoons' from the Fatman to Ironman RW thread, nice to meet up with people I've been chatting to for months in cyberspace. Still trying to talk him into the IMUK 2013 though ;-)

Went through to the pool about 9.15am & sat next to number 108. Recognised him & a few others from East Coast Tri where we had all broken our Triathlon cherries, so us slow swimmers club had a good chat & wished each other good luck before we took the plunge.

12 x 25 metre lengths required, two in each lane. Not sure of my split yet but the most important thing for me was completing it all doing front crawl.

Fish man :-)
Straight out through the swim doors and into transition, refreshing change not having to run a 100 metres or so to the bike. Was going to try with no socks but after a practise the night before, it took me longer to get my trainers on without socks than it did with socks so I'm going comfort all the way.

T1 done

Only a short trot to the mount line

Bike route, out of the car park down to the first mini roundabout and screech of brakes from the dipstick driving a car who needs to remember traffic approaching from their right has right of way on the roundabout!! Nearly a quick end to my bike leg.

Mostly left turns from then, route took us out to Felmingham across to Swanton Abbott, down to Scottow then back up to North Walsham along the Norwich Road.
Here's the route -

Took on one energy gel halfway into the ride. Stayed on the aerobars for most of the time, right hand bar started to feel sticky so i assumed it was down to gel. Turned out I'd sliced my finger open with the gel packet so the stickiness was blood. My white handlebar tape has taken on a nice pink tinge to it now

Averaged 19.6mph for the bike which I'm happy with, seemed to have a head wind most of the way.
Back into the car park & time for 3 laps of the run course
Coming in to T2
Careful dismount (saw one guy brake hard on the dismount line & go straight over his handlebars, only an injured pride thankfully) & quick change. Overheard a comment from the lady who had set up next to me say to her boyfriend what a great idea my elastic laces were, made me chuckle as i remembered back to my first dualathon trying to tie laces quickly & it was recommended to me to get some.

Start first lap
Set off on the run which was three laps of the field next to Victory, down station road then back in the back of Victory. Run felt really good, no ankle issue. More evidence to me that it pays to take some days off when i get niggles (i might learn one day)

Finished in 57ish minutes, split times here

Job done

So, last short tri done for the season. Big break till my next event on the 19th August which is the Ely Monster Triathlon

Have a look at the top of the blog page & the video from last weeks Norwich Triathlon, really good vid, only a few minutes long.

Can't think of anything else to report on today.

Have a good training week

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  1. awesome.. i saw your bike speed earlier today and was well impressed... now andy.... in case you are wondering about the next stage...... not that im not impressed, cos im well impressed.... but always looking to the next improvement.... and especially as now you have mastered the swim....fab... well done....could the next stage be running mounts and dismounts.... no standing still and cocking leg over?? elastic bands....hey.... you seem to have the bug real bad...

  2. Thanks Tina. Not really mastered the swim though, lots & lots of work still to be done there, my fc is no quicker that my breaststroke at the minute. I need to speed my running up a lot as well.