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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Ironman UK 2013 - signed up

Bit of a quiet week. Bike went in to Halfords for some tweaking ready for next weeks challenge. That turned into a right drama but resulted in me getting a new chain & cassette for free due to their incompetence. Caused me to lose 3 days of cycling opportunities during the week. Cancelled the Halfords care plan as lost faith in them now.

Did my first run since the Club relays which was ok, ankle held up well.

Got a couple of PB's swimming as well this week, getting a bit quicker & managed 1.34 miles front crawl.


Monday -  Bike 2.1 miles & Run 56 mins
Tuesday - Bike 2.1 miles
Wednesday - Bike 2.1 miles & Swim 1 hr (pace 45.26 min/mile)
Thursday - Bike 2.36 mile
Friday - Bike 3.38 mile
Saturday - Bike 3 hr (Trianglia confidence ride)
Sunday - Swim 1 hr (pace 44.52 min/mile) PB

As the title suggests, i have taken the plunge and signed up for Ironman UK 2013. Event takes place on 4th August, 1 week after my 45th birthday.

A week off before & after the event has been booked. 3 nights at Bolton Travelodge also sorted over Ironman weekend. Two less things to stress about as the event gets nearer.

I will be following Don Finks 30 week training plan which begins on 7th January 2013.
Due to cost of Ironman event i will have to reduce other event activity next year so will probably just do a sprint, Olympic  &  middle distance tri during.

This is a great vid from the 2012 Ironman in Bolton

Other news for this week was my weight loss, which has now dropped to 13 st 9 lbs. A 2st 5lb loss for the year.

That's all for this week, next Sunday will be a review of The Great Barrow cycling challenge which i start Wednesday morning  & runs through to Saturday evening.

Happy Training

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