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Sunday, 2 September 2012

North Norfolk Triathlon

Hardly anything to report this week.

Ankle still hurting from the Ely Triathlon, probably didn't help it running at the relays so no running for me last week & won't run this week either.

Signed up for the Norwich Half Marathon. Starting to up my cycling again ready for The Great Barrow Challenge starting 19th September.


Monday - Rest day
Tuesday - 2hr bike
Wednesday - 2 mile bike & 1.21 mile pool swim
Thursday - 1 mile bike
Friday - 1 mile bike
Saturday - Allotment digging day
Sunday  - 4.45 hour bike

Rode out to Wells this morning (5.30am wake up, not good) to watch the Triathlon. Loads of Trianglians taking part. Glad i decided not to do it. Ankle issue being one but the swim looked like it may have been a bit much for me. I've never seen a tide go out so quick. I'd have probably been washed up on a beach in Holland. Maybe next year.

Triharder ( ) guys won the relay competition. Well done to them & all participants today.

Wells Harbour.

Paul doing the mandatory MoBot

That's it for this week

Happy training

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