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Sunday, 2 December 2012

A look back at 2012

Last month of the year, first of three Christmas parties under my belt, 4 more weeks of over indulging to get through.

Low training week again, but that's how it's going to be until January.

Tues - 9.26 mile bike ride. Did this in the evening, quite enjoyed it although my £1 poundland light wasn't great so i had to stick to lit roads. Have ordered this light today off the back of a friends recommendation -

Sun - 20.67 mile bike ride - 3 degrees and still icy even at midday. Nearly came a cropper on numerous occasions so cut the ride short and headed back to Norwich on main roads.

Thought I'd use this blog to have a look back over what i have done this year. (it would be a bit short otherwise)

First sporty thing for 2012 was joining the Norwich park runs in January, my first 5k was just under 30 minutes but i gradually improved to just over 24 minutes.

Jan 2012 - TriAnglia Dualathon - My first event on the road to becoming a Triathlete. I was still rather chunky at this one, weighing in at 16st. I had to walk some of the second run leg as i was knackered

Run Fatboy Run

Feb 2012 Fritton Lake off-road Dualathon  - Managed to do this one without walking, funniest bit was losing my trainer in a muddy bog and having to wade back in to get it.

March 2012 Hethersett 60 mile cycle - My first Sportive. Loved this event, although the weather was shocking. I learnt a valuable lesson in pacing myself.

March 2012 - Snetterton rough ride, an off road sportive. Great day with the ladies, Fran,Tina & Helena

March 2012 - did the Sports relief mile with Arleya

April 2012 Trowse 10k - My first 10k run, found it tough but managed to run the whole thing non stop & get in in under an hour

didnt hurt
April 2012 East coast Triathlon - My first ever triathlon. Had to do the swim breast stroke as i couldn't swim front crawl

Worst bit over

May 2012 Watisham Triathlon -My second Triathlon which had a slightly longer swim. Was a bit traumatic as the slower swimmers went first so everyone watched me flounder about in the pool, breastroking away.

May 2012 Norwich 100 mile cycle - Nailed my first century ride.

June 2012 - Boudicca sportive 100 mile cycle - Nailed my second century ride

June 2012 Fritton Lake Triathlon - My first open water triathlon

June 2012 - Swam the 2.4mile Ironman distance to see if i could do it & within the time limit. I could.

JULY 2012 - I can finally swim front crawl after 8 months of frustration trying to learn it.

July 2012 - Norwich Triathlon - Tough weekend. All day Saturday helping set up the event. Did the Sprint tri on the Sunday then helped pack up all the gear.

July 2012 Victory Triathlon - First Triathlon where i did the whole swim front crawl

August 2012 - Ely HALF IRONMAN - My first middle distance triathlon completed. Great weekend apart from the fish & chips Paul Quantrill & I bought from the three Chinese Alan's chippy.

August 2012 National club relay Championships - Fantastic, fun weekend & got to know some great people from Trianglia

Sept 2012 - The Great Barrow Challenge - 4 day - 480 mile cycle - Toughest challenge of the year & left me injured. But a brilliant 4 days, this will be a regular for me each year.

Oct 2012 - CTC rough stuff, poor event & crap attitude by one of the organisers. Wont be doing this again.

Nov 2012 - Virgin Indoor Triathlon - Great fun & fantastic staff at Virgin Gyms

Nov 2012 - Norwich half marathon - My furthest ever non stop run.

Medals for 2013

It's difficult to say what my favourite things this year have been, I have experienced so many great moments.
Learning to swim front crawl will be near the top because of the struggle i had learning it.
Riding through days of pain to complete the Great Barrow Challenge.
Finishing the Ely Half Ironman in sweltering heat.
Completing my first Triathlon.
Staying off the fags
All the fantastic friends i've made through the Trianglia & in the cyber world forums.
In fact, pretty much everything I've done this year has been up there.
& it's raised nearly £900 for Help for Heroes
& nearly £70 in Movember money
Now looking forward to my Ironman UK campaign set for August 2013. Roll on January 7th when training commences for that.
Happy training
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