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Sunday, 30 December 2012

New Year. End of 2012

So, last Fatman blog update for 2012.

Nothing very exciting to tell this week. Been nice to have a week off & get a lot more cycling in than i have been able to. IT band issue seems to be resolved now but I'll continue to use the foam roller to try keep that injury from coming back.

Went back to park run for the first time in a long time yesterday. Really struggled with it. Amazing how a few days of stuffing yourself and getting pissed totally knackers your fitness levels. (mine were not that great to begin with) Still, managed a sub 26 min time which is decent for me, I've only managed a sub 25 min once before.

Park run will be a regular part of my Ironman training, i do hope i can get down to a sub 23min time before August.

 Last alcohol indulgence tomorrow night at the annual new years eve party at our friends, Dan & Billie. Oscars night theme so digging out the tux, last time i wore it i was 16 stone so it may look a tad large. That will then be my lot on the alcohol front until after the Ironman event in August.


Weds - 12.6 mile bike ride -
Thurs - 20.59 mile bike ride -
Sat - 3 mile run
Sun - 44.13 mile bike ride -

Couple of pics from this week

My Lane!

Quick break by Wymondham Abbey

I mentioned in last weeks blog I was going to try and cycle to every medieval church in Norfolk during next years training. Over 650 to visit. Rather than clogging up this blog with Church pictures I have started a separate blog to collate all the pictures on. There are also links there to each church where some history can be found for those who are interested.
Here is the link -
OK, that will do, wine time. everyone have great New Years celebrations, be merry, be safe!

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