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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Let Ironman training commence !

Or maybe not as the title suggests. Damn man flu scuppering my plans again. Training should begin tomorrow but have already had to bail on a run & a swim this weekend due to feeling rubbish.

First session planned was a coached swim session with Trianglia. I may still swim if i feel a bit better tomorrow but doubt I'll go to an endurance session, could get messy with nostrils running faster than I ever have.

Despite feeling crud yesterday thought I'd go out for an hours bike ride as the sun was shining & i needed some fresh air. Took it nice and steady & ended up being out for well over 3 hours & cycling 43 miles.
Ticked off 10 more churches from the plan as well


Quick break by the river

Spot of fly fishing


Well, yesterdays bike ride was it. Walking to work and back each day & doing a bit of digging at the allotment today is the sum total of exercise for this week. Will hopefully have more to write about next week.
Here's the route from yesterday -

Weighed myself the other day & found i have gone back to around 14st 4lbs. Not a huge surprise, what with Christmas & a lack of training. Hoping to be well under 13 stone by the time Ironman comes round. Should be fairly easily accomplished as i dropped well over 2 stone last year.

Thought I'd do a calorie burn count this year, not sure how accurate these things are but hey ho, if it keeps you motivated.
This week & year to date  = 4317
Good luck to everyone else starting their 30 week Ironman UK training plan tomorrow & everyone else who's started a 2013 get healthy plan.

Happy Training

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