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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Ironman UK training week 2

Couple of bonuses this week. Had my first weigh in of the year since i started training again. In 10 days I've lost 3lbs bringing me down to 14st 1lb. Will weigh in once a month so hopefully well under 14st & heading towards my previous low or 13st 9lb.

Not really changed my diet yet, plus we are still polishing off the final bits of Christmas food. Definitely went over the top as usual getting Christmas supplies in.

Second bit of good news is in respect of the Virgin London Marathon. I missed out on the ballot place, then just missed out on a Trianglia place but then out of the blue, Rob from Trianglia said he may be able to get a Virgin guaranteed place, which, he did, thank you.

So, Ironman UK 30 week training plan has needed a bit of adjustment. I haven't changed it much, just increased the long Sunday runs by 15 minutes each week so i hit a 3 hour run 3 weeks before the marathon. Then taper down for the event. I've put a couple of extra rest days in straight after the marathon then it's back to plan A. Hoping not to wind up in hospital & unable to walk afterwards this time.

Means I now have 4 confirmed events on the charity page now for 2013. Will probably be adding Great Barrow Challenge & Trowse 10k as well.


Calories burnt for year = 17,108
Training hours this week = 7 hours 23 minutes


Coached Swim - 1 hour
Used a kick board for the first time in over a year. Last time i used one i went backwards so managing to complete 100m going forwards was a surprise. Although i bend my knees too much when kicking.
Did a couple of drills with a pull buoy to try get  my strokes right,  especially when i take a breath as i lift my head to far out the water.


Bike 33 minutes /Run 16 minutes, brick session.

Bike route -

Due to Norwich being brought to a standstill because of snow & skating rink roads I had to go with the mountain bike. May be MTB rides for the rest of the week looking at the weather forecast. Nearly bailed due to the conditions. However, didn't want to bin any training sessions so took a very slow and steady ride down to Whitlingham Country park and back.

Run was OK, in fact going through the snow made me lift my legs more, thus run more natural, i think. Stupid headphones kept falling out which was annoying. I even bought ones that hook over the ears to prevent this 'apparently'. Unfortunately, my ears are not the size of Gary Linekers so they have not worked very well.


Run 35 minutes. On ice & through snow. Shins started to hurt a bit tonight, will have to reduce the runs down to the intermediate level of Fink if it gets worse. I think the park runs have took me away from concentrating on a more natural style of running as i have tended to focus on running faster there.

Pool Swim 1 hour 3 mins - Swam 90 lengths. Really good, due to snowy conditions there was hardly anybody at the pool so an empty lane for me for the evening.


Bike 38 minute Mountain Bike ride -

Another icy one but at least the main road down to the country park were clear.


Rest day


Bike - 1hour 39 minutes Mountain Bike Ride -

Cold ride this one, Used it as another opportunity to snap some of the Norwich churches.

Enjoyable ride despite the cold, mountain biking down some cheeky little cycle lanes & Norwich alleyways i didnt know existed. Got a bit stuck in some deep snow due to the Garmin map taking me to a dead end so i tried to cut across a field. Not my best of ideas.


Run - 1 hour - Took a bit of effort to do this one at 8am. Icy and cold outdoors & had to be back by 9.30am so i could get ready for the cycle maintenance course. Thought about doing the run in the afternoon but would have had all morning to be thinking about it so bit the bullet and went for it.

After 10 minutes, glad i did. Again, early doors Sunday morning, bugger all traffic perfect. Really enjoyed it despite the cold.

Left shin started to ache again but went through the Chi Running techniques and adjusted my movements etc & was soon running niggle free again.

Bike - 30 min - cycled down to the bike maintenance course on Duke Street.
Taking care i didn't slide over as i road past the location from the
You Tube Duke Street Hazard video -
Few pics from out & about during this weeks activities.

Cow Tower. This was built for artillery in the 14th century to defend against approaches from the River Wensum

Norwich Cathedral in the distance


Sally in her Igloo

That's about it for this week, hoping this snow buggers off & the temperature picks up a bit soon so i can get back on the road bike.


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