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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Ironman UK Training Week 3

Decent week this week despite the rubbish snow and ice. At the time of writing though most of it has now gone. Still, training has gone surprisingly well. Hooray


Calories burnt for the year = 24,881
Training hours this week =  7 hours 42 minutes


Coached Swim Session - 1 hour

Started with a few hundred metres warm up. 100 metres with the kick board. 200 metres wide arm stroke. Did these with the pull buoy.  Then did no end of 100 metre sets with 20 second rests in between. Some of my breaks were a bit longer to let the faster swimmers go by.

Going to be given some extra drills next week to do during the warm up to try and improve my technique. As i currently have no technique this should pay dividends.


Bike 30 minutes & Run 15 minutes brick

Snow thawing really quick this evening meant for a decent ride down to the country park. Snow had got so slushy down there though it was almost impossible to pedal through it. Run was fine, uneventful.


Run 45 minutes

Nice steady 10.28 min/mile. Still snowy & Icy.

Swim 1 hour

84 lengths, pool was packed so a bit of a mare.


Bike 45 minutes

Again, mountain bike round the city as still icy conditions. Hoping for a big thaw at the weekend then back on the road bike.


Rest & big Pizza day


Run 30 minutes

Park run was cancelled again so went for little run while Arleya was in her karate lesson. Still a bit icy underfoot but suns a shining and snows a melting.

Bike 75 minutes

Got take the road bike out for the first time in over a week. 10 minutes out, puncture. A piece of flint had gone straight through my tyre. Not surprising with all the grit that has been slung round the roads recently.

Replaced tube on the side of the road, always a mare to try get any decent pressure in your tyre from a hand pump, so put a bit in and headed round to Bicycle Links workshop who kindly learnt me a track pump.

Planned route scuppered as i didn't want to head out to Spixworth with a small split in my tyre so just stuck round the city for the sessions planned 75 minutes. No church pic updates this week.


Run 75 minutes

Longest run since the Norwich half marathon. Covered 7.26 miles at a slow pace. Not so icy today but some of the puddles i ran through were a bit cold. Set off at 8am which again took a bit of self motivation to get out the door.

Bike 27 minutes

Cycle to bike course and back. Got my second puncture in two days. Probably due to my laziness in not changing the tyre as planned the night before, but hey, "I'll never get a flat just cycling down the road". mmm, not. Repaired puncture, pumped up and valve popped grrrr. Luckily i still had the punctured inner tube from yesterday which i fixed & managed to bike home.
Drama continues, got home from Halfords with a bunch of innertubes, only to find i'd picked up the wrong ones.

Other stuff

Had a bonus on my London Marathon entry. Had an email to inform me that I would be starting from the green start with the celebrities. Quite excited about that, although not sure who will be there. Couple of other club members had already booked their accommodation so sorted mine out last night. £30 at Battersea Park Holiday Inn. Only 9 miles from the start, even less from the finish.

The Slateman - Hopefully have my accommodation sorted out for this within the next week as well. First two hotels i tried are full, however, waiting a call back from one who may have a bunk house we can use.

Renewed mine and Arleyas Trianglia memberships this week. Also signed Arleya up for her first triathlon in June - 

Mind you, like a Muppet I signed her for the wrong triathlon first so need to try get the money back from Tri-anglia for that, doh.

Bit of a bonus, Arleyas first Tri it's at her school, so 2 minutes from my house. Closest Triathlon i will have ever travelled too. We had planned on her doing the first one on the mountain bike (which is quite heavy) but i was lucky on EBay last week and managed to get the below racer for £16.51.

So, will be using my new cycle maintenance skills to do it up

£16.51 Bargain

Stripped down to bear essential


Let the clean up commence

Doesn't need much doing to it. Couple of new tyres & new cables. Then a strip down, clean & grease up. Job done.

Bike maintenance course covered gears today which was really good. Learnt how to set up & adjust both derailleurs, plus change the cables. Feel quite confident to do this now. Next week it's work on your own bike so will be a long overdue service for my bike done.


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