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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Ironman UK training week 1

Despite another week of not feeling 100% the first week of training went to surprisingly well. Mind you, the legs are not very happy with the sudden increase in workload.


Thought I'd do this a bit different this year. Give a bit of a summary of how each days training went, if theres anything worth mentioning that is.

Training hours this week - 6hrs 4mins


Pool Swim 1 hour - 1.27 mile

Cancelled the club coached endurance session due to feeling rank with man flu, also hadn't been swimming for over 2 weeks so wanted to check i could still float & swim. So hit the UEA for a more relaxed hour. First time Ive been on a Monday & at 7.30pm found it quieter than I'd ever seen it which was a bonus. Had to do the first 10 lengths in the shallow section due to a club session still going. Went a bit quick at first & thought i was going into cardiac arrest after 100m, but managed to calm it down and have a relatively relaxed session.


Bike/run brick session

Bike 33minutes -
Run 15 minutes

Not overly exciting. First brick session in a long while.


Run 30 minutes

Pool Swim 1 hour. New distance PB for me on this one. Managed 88 lengths within the hour.


Bike 35 minutes -

Took in some of the steeper Norwich hills. Yep, Norfolk does have a few. Going to use Thursdays time to do hill work. Climbed 486ft.


Rest day


Run - 25.58 minute park run

Bike - 1hr 12 minutes  -

Nice and steady. Stayed round the city for most of it getting a few more church pics. Now up to 52


Run - 45.41 minutes

Calories burnt for year - 10,250

Trianglia AGM

Attended this on Friday night. Great to meet up with fellow triathletes again, chat about events during 2012 & what we are planning for 2013.

Went through the formal club stuff then did the awards.

Age groupers who represented the country. Including our World Champion, Iain Dawson

Once the awards were done it was on to socialising, Pizza, Ice cream & Mobots

Paul the official Mobot king

To our relief, Stan didn't turn up in his speedos

Let the feasting begin


Cycle maintenance course started today. Four week course which will helpfully move me up from useless status to OK at looking after my bike status.
Today's lesson was pretty basic, tyres, punctures and wheels, but did learn some new skills.
How to make your wheel true, replacing spokes & removing the rear cassette was particularly useful. Also made me realise buying a decent cycle maintenance stand to work on my bike is going to be a worthwhile investment.

Next week brakes and cables  -

Think that's the lot for this week. Training increases to just over 7 hours i think.

Happy Training

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