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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Silly Season

Silly season & Christmas parties are upon us.

Second works do nailed on Friday and thankfully i wasn't the person being photographed with an ice bucket on my head.

Big Tuna

Despite a heavy session i still felt pretty good on Saturday morning & was actually able to manage a half productive day, rather than writing it off like normal. So, one more party to go next Friday & then the New Years celebrations.

Training - calling it training but it's more just leisurely exercise tis month. It has been quite nice just going out for a run or ride without having to think about doing certain times or distances.

Mon - 3.36 mile run -
Weds - 1.3 mile swim
Sat - 8 mile bike -
Sun - 4.5 mile run -

New rechargeable bike light arrived yesterday, fitted it & went off for a test ride. Took in some of Norfolk's finest dark country lanes. It was brilliant, lit up the road really well. It has three brightness settings, you could go round the lanes on the lowest setting but it best on full.

With the beam angled down you could see clearly what was on the road ahead of you, then a faint glow from the main beam was enough to see the sides of the road as well.  When i came back in to street lit areas I switched to the lower settings.
I'll be able to continue riding right through the winter in the evenings now, which beats the hell out of having to use a turbo again in my book.

Night ride with new light & my super new
Trianglia windproof jacket. Snug as a bug :-)
The light has a cable permanently attached to it which you plug in to the rechargeable battery. Although they give you a little holster for the battery which can attach to your belt or bike, it would mean there is cable dangling. A problem easily solved by sticking the battery in my tribag on the cross bar, saves the need for doing any cable tying. You also got a head thing so you can wear the light on your head. Bargain at under £30

Off to try a Trianglia coached swimming session tomorrow night. Looking forward to it but a bit apprehensive due to my weak swimming ability.

Finally, my daughter put together a before & after picture of me. Shows the years weight loss quite well. I cant believe how overweight  i looked at the beginning of the year.

Happy Training

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