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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Lack lustre week

Ironman UK Training Week 21

As the title suggests, this has been another poor training week. Again, down to ongoing calf issue & lack of motivation. Still haven't heard about the offshore job I'm waiting on so that's quite a big thing on my mind. Be good to know one way or the other.

Should also know more details about redundancy in a couple of weeks time, another thing whizzing round my head. I have already started circulating my CV round numerous offshore companies & also shortlisting training courses i will be attending after the chop. I certainly wont be sat idle.

On a positive, If i don't get the offshore job I will be able to do Ironman UK. Also, calf injury is pretty much better i think, although it was a bit twingy still on a short walk yesterday. One more week of run rest, then I have my second ever half Ironman event at Grafham water next Sunday with Tim Lebbon. Hoping to smash my PB from last year.


Calorie burn January = 29,160
Calorie burn February = 34,932
Calorie burn for March = 47,799
Calorie burn for April = 28,453
Calorie burn for May = 23,131

Calorie burn for June = 5805
Training time - 9 hrs 5 minutes
Bike - 1 hr 59 minutes
Open water swim - 55 minutes
2 x 800m laps & 1 x 400m lap at Whitlingham Lake. Still a bit chilly at 13 degrees. Think I'm
getting used to it though. Based on this time i think I'll be a bit quicker on my half ironman swim
 this year
Open water swim - 54 minutes
Same swim as Wednesday although 1 minute quicker. 14 degrees today but to be honest, i can't
really tell the difference between 12.5 -14 degrees anyway.
Bike - 5 hours 17 minutes -
79.53 mile bike ride today at a 15mph average so again good to keep that above my minimum
ironman average.
Headed out early today whilst the sun was shining. Was still a bit chilly in the 12mph head wind. 
Went out to North Norfolk where i had Burnham Market as the turnaround point. The Chelsea of
Norfolk I had been told. Home of Amanda Holden & rumours that Johnny Depp also has a home here,
after being spotted numerous times in local stores.
Wasn't a bad ride out despite the wind, it even warmed up enough to take the arm warmers off by the
time I'd got to Burnham Market. Headed back through Burnham Thorpe, (past Lord Nelsons birthplace,
hopefully a good omen) Walsingham & back to Norwich.
The second leg of the ride was a lot better as on quieter roads, I messed up a bit with the outbound
route as i was on the A47 (busy road) for way to long. Will tweak it a bit for the next time. Didn't stop
to take church pictures either as there was so many, i would still be out there at midnight.
Longest ride of the year & no issues, happy with that.
Don't envisage a lot of training next week as i have the Grafman on Sunday, once that is done though i
will be back training with a vengeance (if IMUK is still on)
Sorry not much to write about this week. Should be a bit more interesting after next weeks event.
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