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Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Norwich Junior Triathlon 2013

Ironman UK training week 24

Due to my worst week of training since I began the 30 week Ironman training plan, there isn't really much to write about this week regarding me.

In fact I won't even list the training days as it only involved cycling to work for the week & doing a 28 minute open water swim.

I had intended doing a 2400m open water swim on Wednesday, but after a couple of hundred metres my ankle was so painful & I struggled to get round one 800m loop let alone three.  Off the back of that & the slow progress of my injury improving I've decided to bin any training till my tendonites has fully cleared up. Still 6 weeks till the Ironman event.

Calorie burn January = 29,160
Calorie burn February = 34,932
Calorie burn for March = 47,799

Calorie burn for April = 28,453
Calorie burn for May = 23,131

Calorie burn for June = 23,339

Training time - 2 hrs 4 minutes

Open water swim 28 minutes
Bike 1 hr 37 minutes -

Best thing that has happened in Baxter triathlon world this week was my daughter completing her first triathlon at the Norwich Junior Tri.

Weather wasn't great for her. Rain had made the ground really soft which would prove difficult for the bike section as half of this was on grass, plus we had strong winds.

Kids had to set up there own stuff in transition, no adult help was allowed for any part of the race.
We were surprised at some of the kids kit, half of them had better bikes than me, let alone Arleyas £30 ebay special.

Set up
The seriousness of some of the parents was also a surprise. One mother discussing with her son what tyre combination to put on his bike was quite funny. Shocked at the way some parents were yelling at their children to go harder etc, it was relentless in a couple of cases & all quite embarrassing. We all want our kids to do well & theres nothing wrong with shouting encouragement, but seriously, some need to have a word with themselves.

Swim waves began at 4 minute intervals, Arleya kicked off at 12.20pm. I've always considered Arleya to be a good swimmer, she has always done well in school events etc. This was a different league though. Her group set off & within a couple of lengths Arleya was already being lapped.

She had a quick T1 even with slipping on some shorts over her swim costume. She even went with no socks, something i haven't done yet.


Bike was 6 x 1km laps. Half of each lap was on tarmac, other half was on grass. Arleya couldn't
change gear so was stuck in the same one for the whole ride.

Coming into T2

 Run course was 4 x 600m loops on grass

First lap

Finish in sight

First Triathlon medal

Overall Arleya really enjoyed the event and now wants to get some proper triathlon training so
she can keep improving. Guess that's the end of me using her volunteer vouchers she gets after helping out with Trianglia events.
We'll also look for a more suitable race bike once i get my redundancy money.

Attending this event has also sparked a new business idea that i will be looking into, so I may well be  heading down the self employed route once my Aviva job comes to an end.

That's it for this week. I may not do an update next week as I'm unlikely to do any training again.



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