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Monday, 17 June 2013

Pearl Izumi Tour Series 2013

Ironman UK training Week 23

Couldn't think of a great deal of positiveness this week & struggled for a post title.
Decided to go with the recent Tour series as this was probably the highlight of the week due to it coming to one of our market towns for the first time. Aylsham in Norfolk.

The reality of the my redundancy came with the announcement on Thursday that my department in Norwich, that i had been a part of for the past 12 years, would cease to exist between now & Q1 2014. Sad times, the end of a special & important era in my life. Trying to stay focussed on training whilst wondering what the future has in stall for my family & me is certainly trying. But life goes on as they say.


Calorie burn January = 29,160
Calorie burn February = 34,932
Calorie burn for March = 47,799

Calorie burn for April = 28,453
Calorie burn for May = 23,131

Calorie burn for June = 22,221

Training time - 8 hours 49 minutes
Bike 25 minutes
Bike 42 minutes
Run 34 minutes.
Longest run i had done since the marathon. Felt a bit awkward but i was pleased
to think i was now able to begin run training again.
Bike 31 minutes
Open water Swim - 47 minutes
Swam 1600 metres, was a bit choppy due to windy conditions. Good for training though.
Run - 55 minutes.
This was a club run, 10k at 10am, just after our open water swim. It was on the new 10k route
that will be used in the upcoming Norwich Triathlon.
Obviously i was a bit cautious of this. It would be my longest non stop run since my calf & tendonites
issues after the London Marathon.
Just before we started the heavens opened & we were bombarded with big lumps of hail.
Cover was sought in the flint barn. Five minutes later the sun was shining & it was time to go??
English summers.
Was a bit weird running down wintry looking tracks in the middle of summer. The run went better
than expected & i even managed a PB for my 10k distance. Calf's were a bit stiff & my right ankle had
started hurting again. Felt like the tendonites I'd had in the left ankle.
I had to go pick up a greenhouse from Diss this same afternoon which included dismantling it. This
also turned into a nightmare due to ceased up bolts, a good drenching &  my ankle swelling up like
a balloon & giving me a great deal of pain.
Bike 4 hours 55 minutes.
Although i was struggling to walk I'm pleased that my cycling is still ok.
Managed a 72 mile ride. Was nice weather, a bit windy at times. I did end up on a 3 mile stretch
of off road cycling round Stanton training area which I'm sure hasn't done my bike a great deal of good.
Although i took the same amount of gels & food with me, stuck to one a nhour I had a turn around the
60 mile mark. Felt really faint & got the sweats big time. Luckily i still had a pack of breakfast biscuits
and a couple of ISO gels which i quickly consumed. Two miles later i was fine. Not sure what happened
but i guess i will need to be eating something every 45 minutes now.
I also binned the tri bars due to the issues i had had with my lower back at The Grafman. Seemed to
do the trick as i had no lower back issues at all on this ride. Tri bars are toast!
Change of plan
My training plan has now dramatically changed. I would pull out fof IMUK or this year if it wasn't
for the fact I'd lose around £700 for the event & the accommodation I've paid for.
Running is totally out of my training for the foreseeable future. Plan for the Ironman now is just finish.
Even this is likely to be a challenge based on my difficulty at even walking today. It will now be a case
of swimming & cycling as hard as i can & walking most of the marathon.
Who knows though, maybe if i give my leg enough recovery time I will be able to run a good portion
of it. Time will tell.
Photos from The Grafman
yeah yeah, pink hat

Photos from Tour Series

Fatman to Ironman Tour de France fantasy cycling league set up for anyone wanting to join. Heres the link & league details
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League Code: 15203047


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