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Sunday, 18 March 2012

My first Sportive

What a great day at the first Hethersett 30/60 sportive. Get to that in a minute, bit of a run through on training progress for the week.

Tuesday - 30 mile cycle -
Wednesday - 1.09 mile swim. Started with the front crawl again, think i'm making progress & nearly managed a length. also did a weigh in & have dropped another pound so now down to 14st 7lbs.

Saturday - I've got together a few mates so we can go out for gentle Saturday rides as most of the club ones interfere with park run. We went out, got drenched & did around 30 mile -

new Bib shorts arrived, look and feel great. Be nice to wear them if the weather ever heats up.

brings us to today & the sportive. Heres the route

Started off at 9am in staged starts. 2 laps of of a 30 mile circuit that ran from Hethersett to Attleborough, over to New Buckenham, up to Mulbarton the back across to hethersett. Here you could turn off for the 30 miler or carry on for the 60.

Did my first 30 in 1hr 45 mins, found it quite easy going especially when mixed in with a group. As we came to the end of the first lap riders were hovering around so i nipped round, got my head down and pushed it to Wymondham. Nobody in sight, I'd started a break, lol. However, this may have turned out to be a mistake.

I got held up in Wymondham by some lights & everyone came trundling up behind. Then they were away leaving me for dust. I finished the final 25 miles pretty much solo & by the time i'd done 50 miles i was struggling big time.

Anyway, made it back in 3hrs 39mins which was a lot better than my predicted 4 hrs 30mins i was expecting & would have been happy to achieve.

Roll on the next event. East Coast Triathlon (another first) on 22nd April.

Remember i'm trying to raise money for Help for Heroes so if you would like to donate. Dosent matter how small, it's all appreciated, then please click on this link

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