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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Snetterton Rough Ride

What have i been up to since last week?

Spent £50 on a pair of bib shorts, thought it was time to invest in some better quality gear.

Did a mile swim on the Wednesday, sneaking some front crawl in as well. still crap & can only manage half a length.

Got another PB on park run reducing my time to 26.10 mins. My daughter knocked over 2 minutes of her time though bringing her 5k time to 31.03 mins.

Following park run i met up with a friend who has decided to have a go at cycling. Weighing over 16 stone (sounds familiar) he's decided to try and shred some more weight.

So first ride for him we did a 28 miler on Saturday. heres the route

Sunday i went on the Snetterton Rough ride. Loved the ride with the company of a few others from  Tri-Anglia. Not very impressed by the effort put in by Diss CC though. £3 got you a map, thats it. Route instructions were not that clear either, meaning we added an extra 5k to the 55k ride. Non of the route was marked & the organisers didnt even hang around till everyone had completed the courses. So, sorry Diss CC, i wont be taking part in any of your events going forward. Anyway, here's the route

Whats coming up then. Hetherset 30/60 cycle sportive next weekend, really looking forward to that, especially now the weathers turned. May even risk the shorts. :-)

Been debating shaving my legs for a while, think i'll go for it, just find shaving my face a chore, let alone the legs as well. But, weighing up all the pro's for doing it, seems the right thing to do with all my cycling activity.

April will see my first Tri-athlon, scary times that one.

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