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Sunday, 29 April 2012


Really crappy week weather wise, rain, wind & more rain. Not effected my training though which has seen a bit of an increase i think.

Couple of achievements first before i give the training update.
  • Weight loss of another 2lbs bringing me in at 14st 2lbs
  • Knocked 36 seconds off my park run reducing that time to 25.34 minutes
  • 4 x 25m front crawl
  • Quit smoking - 314 days
Another first, Time to get fit blog had it's first comment & follower :-) This is another blogger on her own journey, looking to complete an Ironman in 2014 which i'm sure she will do. Heres a link to the blog for some more inspiration

This weeks training.

Monday - 41.72 mile cycle
Tuesday - 3.14 mile run
Wednesday - 1.24 mile swim
Thursday - 11.08 mile cycle
Friday - Ate a pizza the size of a dustbin lid
Saturday - 3.11 mile park run then 54.99 mile cycle
Sunday - 0.99 mile Swim

Runs feel like they are getting easier all though i still get the shin pain. It only lasts a couple of days now though so i can live with that. Hopefully it will totally cease over time though.

Toupe bike seat is better although by tweaking the position on it, it's definitely getting more comfortable. I've found shifting the seat backwards a little bit is making a difference.

Really pleased with how front crawl is coming on, although i still find i swallow too much water. If i do that in whit lane lake i'll probably poison myself.

Had a new book arrive 'Be Iron fit' by Don Fink. Just started reading it and quite hooked.

Saturdays ride was pretty tough, strong winds so the cycle from Norwich out to Horsey was hard work. Thankfully the rain haled off to a drizzle so we didnt get that wet. Just Jim, Matt & myslef on this ride. Talked Matt into doing the Victory Triathlon at North Walsham later on in the year, looks like he has talked Balaam into it as well :-) I can see a GPP team forming.

Next Saturday see's the start of the new Fritton lake park run so myself & Arleya will be heading up there.
As a TriAnglia member i got an annual parking pass for Whit Lane country park for £15. I'll probably start doing one of my runs off road down there now.

Found another website for events so another heap of stuff to look at after i have done the ironman

So, nothing much more to report. Few things coming up in May. Should get my wetsuit on 7th May. TriHarder are coming down Whitlingham lane to do a bit of a triathlon gear event .

Be able to start some open water swim training then. Haven't swam in a wet suit in open water since my life as a diver in Thailand, so looking forward to that. Shame the water temperature wont be the same.

Next event will be Wattisham Triathlon which i have now got a place on due to some drop outs. That's on 12th May. 13th May i will be doing my volunteer marshall bit for triangla at the Waveney triathlon. Also doing a volunteer evening at one of the Whit lane open water sessions.

& finally, the event that was my original goal & set me off setting mad goals is the Norwich 100 on 27th May. Mind you, this does not feel daunting at all anymore even though it will be my first century ride.

Starting to waffle now. Have a good week all, hope eveyones training goes well.

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  1. Thanks for the mention :)

    Congrats on the 5k PB. I have been trying to get under 26 minutes for ages but just can't seem to push through (am slightly worried of throwing up in public ha).

    Good luck with the open water swimming, reckon it will be a long time before I am ready for that! I do have a wet suit... it took two guys to get me into it in the shop but since then I just cannot get into it - it took me 20 minutes just to get it to my knees (even then I think it may have been on backwards ha).

    On a serious note, have you tried compression socks for your shin splints - I swear by them as I used to suffer terribly. I don't run in the but use them post-run for recovery and often sleep in them.


  2. You must be my female equivilent. I got stuck at 26 mins for over a month on park run. I did some sprints mid week, plus i think completing the Tri gave me a boost in confidence.

    I use compression socks which is whats helped me with my shins as well. I look daft in them though, lol. I was thinking of getting some of those compression shin guard things.

    If you wet your wetsuit first its a lot easier to get into