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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Productive week

Had a pretty good week training wise, although lost no weight when i had a weigh in on Wednesday. Mind you, didnt put any on & had eaten a fair bit of chocolate over Easter.

Week off work, weather ot too bad saw me clocking up some bike miles.

Bought a new pair of Saucony trainers, Romin evo saddle & some insoles for my cycling shoes. So, best part of £200 there. Plus, bought a Garmin forerunner 110 watch to help me increase my pace gradually on the runs. Well, thats the plan anyway.

Done 40 miles on the new saddle & although its better than the Boardman, for £80 i want something that makes a bigger difference. I can take it back and try a Toupe seat which i will do next week. Insoles have solved my foot numbness issue & turning the handlebar backet has stopped hand numbness. All in all, looking like my first century ride next month is going to be a bit more comfortable than previous sportives.

This weeks training then.

Tues - Bike 48 miles
Weds - Bike 32 miles, swim 1 mile.
Thurs - Bike 7 miles, Run 2.5 miles
Sat - Bike 40 miles, Run 3 miles
Sun - Walk 3 miles

First Triathlon next Sunday at Great Yarmouth. Looking forward to becoming a Triathlete but slightly apprehensive about what to expect.

Definately going to do an Ironman, probably in 2014. Might do the Outlaw one as a pirate. Will probably do a half IM in 2013 & a marathon. My Triathlons will also be increased to Olympic distance next year.

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