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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Quiet week

Bit of a quiet one this week, not much to report.

Lost some more weight though, now down to 14st 5lbs. Target weight is going to be 13st.

Tuesday did a 35 mile bike ride. Bike went in for a service ans has come back making more noise than it did before going in.

I've bought a Haynes bike maintenance manual so going to learn how to do everything myself. There is also a project in Norwich where i can volunteer to help recycle bikes & gain some mechanical knowledge that way.

Wednesday, swam a mile and managed to do some complete lengths swimming front crawl so well pleased about that.

Having some knee problems at the minute following last weeks park run, plus i fell over on a night out Friday & whacked my knees. Was concerned about the trowse 10k next week as know it would be a struggle, maybe even worse now.

Ibruprofen & rest the knee for the week will hopefully help.

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