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Saturday, 10 December 2011

2nd week of december

Tuesday swimming lesson went well, think I've made a breakthrough on the timing if breaths doing the front crawl. Swam full lengths a couple of times.

Couldn't do my Wednesday as went to the Coot conference in Sheffield, great night out.

Knackered Thursday so no exercise & had to go to Arleyas parents evening. She's doing really well, top classes for everything seems to help.

Friday, another quiet one, didn't get the grade D job I'd applied for. Not overly surprised though.

Saturday, took MTB out for a 3 hour ride, 22 miles mostly off road. Coldest I've been out at 4 degrees. Icy & very muddy today. Here's the route.

Pic from the conference of me, Leanne & Carol my manager

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