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Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing day Update

Hope everyone had a good Christmas day, probably ate too much like me. Got £50 from my mum, not sure what to buy, need some club gear so will probably put it towards a Tri_Anglia top

Arleya loved her new guitar
Dropped the wife at work yesterday morning after present opening and nipped ot for an hours ride. Managed 15 miles on Christmas day morning.

Boxing day thought i'd go out for a longer one. Did 51 miles out to Ingworth & back, here's the route. Seen lots of Tri-anglia guys n gals out over the last two days. Here's the route.

Stopped in Buxton for a few minutes to grab a drink & gel

Stopped off at St Faiths Crem to say Merry Christmas to my dad. Dead over 7 years but still think of him everyday.

Games & Harry Potter on tv now. Managed to presuade Arleya to come out for a ride tomorrow so will do a mountain bike sesh down Whittlingham lane & Trowse woods.

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