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Sunday, 23 October 2011

July 2011

My new bike
I managed to do 8 bike rides in July totaling 187 miles. My furthest ride was 41.13 miles.
I'd purchased the Lycra padded cycle shorts & a couple of tops which was quite a traumatic experience venturing outside looking like a sausage (according to my wife). I didnt have much spare cash but found some reasonable priced stuff on E-Bay.

After a few trips out looking like a sausage I decided i did'nt care what people might think i looked like & just enjoyed my cycling.

A big part of July for me was watching Le Tour de France religiously. Thanks to Sky Plus i was able to watch every full race. The commitment & dedication these guys showed despite the obvious pain they were going through was truely inspirational. I'd never heard of Mark Cavendish until July but he'd suddenly become one of my hero's, not to mention Cadel Evans & Hoogerland who got back on his bike after his terrible crash.

So now I wanted to do more than just the Norwich 100. The next challenge i discovered is The Great Barrow challenge.

I will be taking part in this in 2012 as well.

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