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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

October 26th

Exercise day off yesterday, weather was rubbish so took the opportunity to start insulating my shed to make it a bit better for my bike & tool storage.

Weather better today so got a 26.68 mile bike ride in this morning

Few more hills than usual which i'm finding a bit easier to climb as my training progresses.

Took a quick trip to tesco's for picnic food ready for a planned mountain bike ride down Wherrymans Way tomorrow, weather permitting.

Also completed my swim tonight. 1300 metres in 50 minutes. A new PB for me. All breast stroke though as given up trying to do the front crawl for now. I have seen that Tri-Anglia are nearly ready for opening 2012 membership so looking forward to joining that & hopefully getting some help with the front crawl.

Knee feels a lot better today which is good with the Mucky Race scheduled for Sunday. Also got a 3 course meal & football in the Aviva box at Carrow Road saturday for the Norwich v Blackburn game so will need to make sure i dont over indulge.

Watched the Wales Ironman race on Eurosport tonight. Guess what! I want to do an Ironman race now. Will probably plan that for 2013 after i've got a few triathlons & the great Barrow challenge under my belt though ;-).

ps, whats the labels box for at the bottom of this box where i'm typing?

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