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Sunday, 23 October 2011

September 2011

Arleya at Sandringham finish

So, what happened in September?

Bike rides for the month totalled 349 miles (11 rides). Furthest ride was 76.12 miles. I also dug out my old mountain bike from the shed & ventured down to Thetford Forest.
My walking increased to 20 miles in September.

The Tour of Britain also came round this way & we had a family day out at Sandringham to see the finish.
Mark Cavendish finishing
 We had a great spot on the finish line but had to sit in the rain for a few hours to secure the spot. Was worth the wait though.

Mountain biking was great fun & mean't my daughter could join in with the biking.

Thetford Forest is a great spot, we tend to park at Brandon Country park as it only costs £2.50 per day for Parking, as opposed to the tenner yout likely to pay at High Lodge.

Timber have done a great job on the trails

During the month of September my fitness idea's stretched to wanting to do Triathlons. Only problem is, i'm a crap swimmer, runner & stilll overweight cyclist. Although, last weigh in had me around 15 stone 6lbs.

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