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Sunday, 23 October 2011

October 2011

Right, just about got you up to date with progress.

Bike rides for October so far have totalled 295 miles. 76.87 miles is my new PB. I've done 12 rides, some being on the MTB.

I have also added running & Swimming to my activities.

Running, 3 times, total 6.5 miles. Furthest I've done is 3 miles (today) knee feels ropey. I did do the London Marathon in 2006 & haven't ran since due to mashing the ligaments in my feet & not walking properly since.

Doing the Mucky races next weekend so hoping knee holds up.

Swimming, I bought a UEA sports park Bronze card which lets me swim for £2.50

Arleya 1st Dan

I do this on a Wednesday whilst Arleya does her Karate class. She's now a Black belt & has trained since she was 6 years old with ESKA.

Trained with them myself for years and got to 1st Kyu grade but had cluster headache problems & knee issues so had to quit. May take it up again one day.

Anyway, back to the swimming. I am rubbish, which is quite ironic considering i worked in Thailand as a PADI diving instructor for 4 years ??????
So, I've swam 3 times, i cant do the crawl so sticking with breaststroke for now. Furthest I've swam is 1000 metres in about 45 minutes.

Did mean some more purchases, goggles, swimming shorts. I have also had to buy some warmer cycle and running clothing. Got some bib cycling tights that are really good, They hold the pad in place a lot better than my shorts & I've thus found less bum pain when riding. Sportsdirect has been a great place to buy gear, very cheap & delivery within days.

So, Triathlons are where it is at now, I will be joining TriAnglia as soon as their membership opens for 2012. I'm hoping i will be able to get coached in front crawl and sort that out ready for my first triathlon in April 2012.

I also took part in my first cycle event this month, Arleya completed it as well which I'm very proud of her for as it wasn't easy for a 12 year old with a lumpy MTB.
Event was the Norfolk CTC 25 mile rough stuff.

Enjoyable & muddy, friendly bunch of people. Thanks to the guys who lifted Arleya & cycle out of the waist deep puddle.

Another thing I'm going to have to do is the Pennine Bridleway, this looks fantastic, so now on the list of stuff to do.

Right, up to date now. I'll fill you in with what i do on a weekly basis now. Cant wait for the Mucky Race next weekend 

Planning all these events & looking to do activities has been one of the key components of staying off the fags.

Nearly forgot. Whilst logging my rides via Mapmyride i have been then uploading them to facebook for a competition called BritPak.!/boardmanbikesbritpack?sk=app_184837178240949

Well, from doing this i was lucky enough to win the Boardman Team Carbon Road Bike.

My new MTB

I also decided to upgrade my MTB to this little beauty that arrived the other day, Specialized Rockhopper. I took it out round Mousehold yesterday, it is fantastic to ride.

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