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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Hethersett 30/60 & TriAnglia Dualathon

So, got my first dualathon on Sunday.

2.2 mile run
11 mile bike ride
2.2 mile run

Not vast distances for the experience but plenty for me, bike ride wont be an issue, just the running as usual. Going to skip Park run though, takes the best part of the week for my shins and knees to settle down as it is.

Not sure what to wear though
Was going to go with long running socks, tri suit & a thermal top. Then bung a jacket on for the cycle ride. Temperature is supposed to be 8 degrees. Will just wearing shorts be ok on the bike???? Could wear running tights over the top i suppose.

Hethersett 30/60 website has added my charity page to their site.
Hopefully get some contributions to Help for heros.
Not had any yet. Heres the link if your interested

On the exercise front. Did a 1.09 mile swim tonight, first swim of the year. Pool was packed though so just did breast stroke to avoid looking like a complete goon.

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