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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Lost weight

Back to work today after sickness, felt a bit ropey first thing but well recovered by afternoon.

Arleya fainted at shool today, not sure if it was related to the bug i had or the vaccination she had on Monday. School nurse thought it was just down to the heat of the classroom. Guess imo nursey!

Anyway, due to passing ot thought i'd better let her miss her Karate lesson this evening. Took a bit of effort for me to motivate myself to go for the Wednesday night swim but glad i did.

Swam 54 lengths in 53 minutes which is 1100 metres. 99% breast stroke as my front crawl is best kept to the lesson session or pool when nobody else is around. Still, most of the triathlons i intend to do next year have swims well under what i did tonight.

As i was coming out thought i'd weigh myself as i hadnt done for a while.

15st 1lb. My lowest weight in probably 6 years. No smoking for over 140 days either. well chuffed with myself this evening. Just need to make sure i keep exercising each day during the winter. Would be gutting to put weight back on.

Since i started my non smoking and exercise regime in June 2011 I have lost 11lbs :-)

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