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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Mucky Races - Sunday 30th October

Had a good day doing the Mucky Races 5k run. Although went out the night before & had a serious hangover (my bad) then cracked my head running the stream when going under a bridge.

Dirty Mucker team

 Managed to finish 89th which wasnt great. Becs finished 72nd but our star of the team was Andy who finished in 7th place

Nearly done

Just after the bump on the head
 Certainly inspired me to take part in future events.

My knees have really been suffering since the race & are quite painful so i will be having at least a week off from runnning. No cycling done as been pitch black when i've got home.

So, i've ordered a turbo trainer from Wiggle so i can do some biking everyday regardless. Used some of the cash from the sale of the Carbon Boardman. Got £800 for that in the end. Also sold my old MTB for £32 with 10% going to help the hero's.

If anyone would like to donate to Help for Heros then please follow the instructions on my charity page.

Started my swimming lessons on Tuesday with Norwich Penguins. It was brilliant, within 30 minutes  was front crawling further than ever & starting to get the hang of the breathing. However, when i went swimming on Wednseday evening it didnt go so great, although swam 1050 metres. Perhaps i need to do more work with a float . Still, feel like i've made a breakthrough & not so concerned about the swimming aspect of Triathlons. More concerned about my knees and the running now.

Thats it for now, hopefully get a decent ride in on Saturday. No chance Sunday as i need to take Arleya to a Karate course in Hatfield.

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