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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Norwich half Marathon

Blimey, cant believe I'm half way through the next week without updating the blog.

So, Crap week at work last week so succumbed to a Chinese takeaway on Friday & did no exercise. Turns out my favourite Chinese has changed cooks & it tasted like crap.

Anyway, blasted into Norwich Saturday morning and got Christmas shopping done & picked up Arleyas MTB from Halfords by 9.30am. Then headed off to Whitlingham Barn
to meet up with the Tri-Anglia girls for a group mountain bike ride.

Done just over 20 miles and went round loads of places i didn't know existed. Fantastic ride & thought the ladies were all really nice & friendly. Tina who organised it had a big off around the Trowse woods. Was quite lucky not to break something, tough girl though and soldiered on. Look forward to doing it again. Heres the route.

Headed up the Norfolk showground to support some friends doing the Norwich half marathon. horrible weather, wet & windy. All three of my friends completed the race. Chris 1hr 47, Danny 1hr 57, Becs 2 hrs 27. well done to them.

Danny 7 miles

Becs 7 miles

Danny 12 miles

Becs 12 mile
Sunday evening it was on the Turbo for a 13 miler.

Monday involved a trip to Sheffield with work so no exercise done that day.

Tuesday - Swimming lesson, still not really sure if I'm improving too much. Will have to do some more front crawl at the UEA on Wednesday with a float i think. Getting a bit frustrated with it.

Also signed up for my first Triathlon. East coast Triathlon on 22nd April 2012

That will do, here's a link to my facebook page where there are some more photo's if you want a look.!/profile.php?id=826854694&sk=photos

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